Curse Of Chucky Review

Poster art for curse of chucky

Poster art for curse of chucky

Who didn’t like Child’s Play? I mean come on a possessed doll with a foul mouth, bad (in a good way) animatronics, Brad Dourif and Chris Sarandon, what’s not to love?!

Then came the sequels, better FX, horrible story-lines, and one-liners smothered in cheese,  now cheese is good in small  amounts, it can bring a delightful taste to the horror taste buds, but in the case of the sequels, just a stomachache that wouldn’t go away.

So what if creator Don Mancini and original villain Brad Dourif teamed up and brought the series back to it’s dark roots, exchanging cheesy one-liners with mood, darkness, and hey scares…

That’s exactly what Mancini gives us with Curse Of Chucky. The story slowly builds itself giving time for character development, back story, and narrative before you hit the downward slope of the roller coaster. The main character Nica, played brilliantly by Fiona Dourif, is a twenty something girl bound to a wheelchair and has the task of stopping the wrath of Chucky in this entertaining entry to the series.

Fiona Dourif In Curse Of Chucky

Fiona Dourif In Curse Of Chucky

The story and characters are developed well and even though a low budget project the production value is up there with big budget horror, especially Tony Gardners animatronic effects. The new (but familiar) look of the re-designed Chucky doll is brilliant. Watching Chucky slowly walk down the stairs towards a helpless Nica is one of the greatest scenes in the film (See video below).

Curse Of Chucky is the sequel that should have been back in 1990 and every Chucky fan should thank Mancini for making this film and delivering a film deserving of this lovable, horror icon.


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