Aftershock Review

Nicolas Lopez directs Eli Roth in Aftershock

Nicolas Lopez directs Eli Roth in Aftershock

Let’s face it folks, disaster movies aren’t normally that entertaining. They usually go for the ooh’s and ahh’s of CGI where CGI is the star and the character’s are just cut out gingerbread men. Not just that but you already know going into each and every one of them that it will feature a group of characters that will be mentally and physically tried by the situation. Which almost is never done that well, and takes away any and all surprise factor.

I’ll be honest, I procrastinated watching Aftershock because of the above. I would have skipped it altogether if Eli Roth’s name wasn’t attached. Roth is a bold film maker, like his movies or not, there is no argument that he certainly doesn’t shy away from the subject matter. Roth here, attached as Producer and surprisingly one of the Stars of the film. He certainly proved he can be a leading man. Of course we all loved him as the “Ooooh faced” stoner in Cabin Fever, but here he proves himself as a real actor, and a good one at that.

Aftershock is a fresh sign of relief from the typical fare that drives this mundane genre. Directed superbly by Nicolas Lopez, this film goes beyond the disaster itself and is a narrative on society. How some people, no matter how bad a tragedy is, will take advantage of the situation, with no regards to others and that’s what’s horrifying.

On set Aftershock

On set Aftershock

The main characters are fleshed out well. I believe it’s around the 40 minute mark before all Hell breaks loose. The first 40 minutes Lopez  dedicates time to introduce the characters and allows us to get to know them, understand them, so we can feel for them when the shit goes down. This is rare in any genre these days and is welcomed with open arms.

The movie is gruesome, horrifying, funny, and just down-right fun. If you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing it, get on your favorite VOD service or Itunes and watch it TONIGHT!

We here a Legless Corpse look forward to Nocolas Lopez’s new flicks and seeing more of Eli Roth on the big screen and not just on Instagram and Twitter.

-Chad Armstrong


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